We are Japanese stamp manufacturer.

This is the first time contacting you.
We supply pre ink stamper and rubber stamps to famous Japanese stationery manufacturers on an OEM basis.
Our company name is TAIYOTOMAH.CO.LTD
We contacted with you to introduce our new product.
We have developed the world's first color pre ink stamper, which can express even super delicate designs and can be easily changed colors.
Japanese manufacturing patent is pending.
We have attached a brief descriptive photo, if you are interested please contact us.
We will send you a sample and detailed instructions

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Ikuzo Matsushita President

4-122 mizukoshi yao city Osaka pref
JAPAN 581-0856
Email: fine@taiyotomah.com

Fine stamper

If you get tired of theink color of the stamp, Ink colors can be interchanged.
Ink colors can be exchanged because ink does not mix. Can be impregnated with another ink on top!

Fine color stamper
  • Fine color stamper
  • Fine color stamper
  • Fine color stamper